One of the best-performing assets right now is industrial real estate. With the rise of eCommerce over the years and Amazon leading the way, there needs to be more room for demand. This is where industrial comes in whether they’re in warehousing, manufacturing facilities, or flex properties. Industrial is rising and will only continue to rise. Join your hosts, Ava Benesocky and August Biniaz as they talk to industrial real estate broker and investor, Chad Griffiths about all things industrial real estate. Chad has worked in the industrial real estate industry since 2004 and has completed over 500 deals. He is also the host of the Industrial Real Estate Podcast where he talks more about this asset class. Get educated today as Chad breaks down why industrial is so strong right now. Discover the problems of inflation and what recession might do. Learn about the future of the industrial asset class and where it’ll go. Become an expert in industrial real estate today!


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