Investors use different strategies when investing in real estate, depending on which strategy works best for them. In this episode, Neal Bawa shares his strategies for finding the best cities to invest in real estate. Using technology and being a geek in real estate helped him succeed in the industry. He also shares some tips about using virtual assistants to help him in his business in the real estate industry. Tune in for more tips from the Mad Scientist of Multifamily himself!


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How to Find the Best Cities to Invest in Real Estate – with Neal Bawa


Join the Mad Scientist of Multifamily, Neal Bawa, as he discusses:


��� how he was able to tap into the real estate industry using technology

��� how being a geek helped him succeed in the real estate industry

��� how to 10X your real estate business with the use of Virtual Assistants

��� what are the tools that you can use to manage your Virtual Assistants

��� how distress can help you find bigger opportunities

��� and how you could find the best cities to invest in if you are into real estate investing


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