CPI Team

August Biniaz

Chief Operations Officer – Chief Strategy Officer

Biniaz is a real estate investment professional with a passion for sharing his knowledge and helping others reach their financial goals. He is the co-founder of Canadian Passive Investing, where he enables clients to earn substantial returns by investing inmultifamily properties in the hottest USmarkets.

He educates his investor partners about Apartment Syndication Investing through Canadian Passive Investing (CPI) Academy platform, Webinars, MeetUp Groups, and One on One Coaching. August brings to CPI a breadth of experience and knowledge with over 15 years in real estate, business and investing.

August’s real estate journey began as an agent in British Columbia, where he focused on local market trends and understanding his client base in order to better meet their needs. At this time, August was also flipping properties at significant margins. After numerous projects, August realized his interest in the construction industry and started his own development company, where he built customhomes.

August continued to expand on scouting opportunities to partner with associates to develop land. August knew his passion was not only in building but in creating wealth for his network and in identifying undervalued real estate opportunities, which launched his enterprise into syndicatedmultifamily investments.

The team at CPI shares August’s experience and passion. Together, with August’s keen entrepreneurial spirit and his principles of Capital preservation investing, CPI is growing exponentially, and changing lives along the way.

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