CPI Team

Ava Benesocky

Chief Executive Officer

Ava Benesocky is an author, public speaker, educator, and the CEO and Co-Founder of CPI Capital, a uniquely innovative Real Estate Private Equity firm helping investors to invest in Multifamily assets.

Ava has been featured in publications such as Forbes, Yahoo Finance, and numerous PodCasts and YouTube shows. Ava helps busy professionals to earn passive income through Multifamily Real Estate investments.

Coming from a family of accountants, Ava values hard work and compassion above all. She became one of the youngest award-winning agents at REMAX and was unstoppable thereafter. Fearless and ready to write her own story, she moved to Vancouver, where she built a strong network of real estate investors. She continued to learn and grow with resilience and persistently gained knowledge in the field of real estate investments.

Ava saw firsthand why so many people hesitated to become real estate investors, particularly in large metropolitan cities in Canada and the US where the disproportionate ratio between the median home price and the median income, prices out most from becoming homeowners let alone scaling a real estate investment portfolio. Realizing the pain points many investors have when looking to passively invest in real estate, Ava pivoted her focus to real estate private equity.

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