CPI Team

Dr Druvtej Ambati
(Dr. Druv)

Druvtej Ambati (Dr. Druv) is an industrious Family Practice Anesthesiologist who has worked in multiple hospitals and provinces across Canada giving him a diverse patient experience. Over the past decade, he has worked with a number of physicians in a variety of settings including family medicine, emergency medicine, hospitalist care, and anesthesia, working over 80 hours a week after residency. He is known by his colleagues as reliable, rarely says “No”, and inspirational about medicine, time management, healthcare innovation, and financial instruments.

Dr. Druv has always maintained non-clinical interests such as fundraising for Miles for Smiles, a charity run by the medical students of the Student Medical Society of Saskatchewan, or volunteering for the Community Volunteer Income Tax Program. Several of his “hobbies” have resulted in him becoming a valuable board member of CPI Capital with expertise in real estate investments and life insurance.

In addition to practicing medicine, Dr. Druv has read over a 100 books and articles and connected with wealthy individuals from across North America. Through his diverse encounters, he has developed a strong desire to improve the financial lives of Canadians, especially physicians. He has been on a mission to understand the relationship between wealth and living to our highest potential. Physicians dedicate their lives in the service of their patients but our personal and professional lives face unique hardships incomparable to other professions. Dr. Druv has become a strong believer in the ability to improve the lives of our fellow citizens and drive change in this world, while utilizing the combined capability of physician investments reserved for our retirement, education, and lifestyle. He is now embarking on a journey to educate physicians on the cornucopia of wealth building strategies available so that we can practice medicine the way we want to and deliver the highest levels of patient care that we would want for ourselves in the future, without the burden of financial dependence.

Dr. Druv tapped into this entrepreneurial spirit and is the founder and CEO of Passive Physician Investor. With a passion for guiding and mentoring investors, his vision is to build an investor community spanning across multiple, no-limit, asset classes, empowering physicians to take back control of their finances, time, and to live and work to their highest potential – mentally, spiritually, physically, and emotionally.

Passive Physician Investor’s mission is to fight burnout in 10,000 physicians across the globe by 2025. If you are a burnt-out physician or a physician who has reached the pinnacle of your life, please join us, visit our website, and transition to a producer of remedies that can heal thyself.

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